Nu U Boutique is more than just a  store where one can buy products to enhance their fashion sense.  It's an idea and a premise, that we have the POWER to be whomever we want to be.

   As women we can overcome any obstacle that crosses our path.  We shouldn't look at each passing second as an obligation to live, but an opportunity to succeed in life.  My journey filled with challenges such as, abuse and pain has led me to where I am today. While some  have used lifes challenges to make excuses, we can choose to endure, and persever through these hardships. Perseverance is the key, and failure will not be an option. 

    Ones perception, has a tendency to be their reality.  So it's our desire to lift those esteems that  may be low and be the wind beneath the wings to continue its rise. Through the use of our quality products, it is our mission to be the partner in aiding you to achieve the look you desire. As you  transform and become that BEAUTIFUL Nu U!


Ms. Day